Forgotten Land

As another week passes by, another dull day approached so I took the opportunity to go outside and capture some images of my local town. Home to over 9,000 residents, the ghost town of Bradford On Avon which is situated 5 miles from the city of Bath, is a representation of the current pandemic which has taken over the world for the past 7 weeks.

As I walked the streets of this small town, I admired the scenery of this historic place, taking in its beauty of the buildings and nature whilst the streets were empty.

The images below are just a few that I took on the day I decided to explore Bradford On Avon. As you can see from the photographs that I took, I captured the towns emptiness on a cold, dull day. I feel that these images are a representation of what being in lockdown has bought to many people over the past 2 months.

A new week is about to be unfolded from tomorrow and with updated new rules being in place from tonight in order to contain the current pandemic - it is allowing me to travel a step further out of this current town. Being able to travel further, I intend to capture more images in areas such as Bath or Bristol.

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