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Diary of a pandemic - Day 38

As another day passes by during this pandemic lockdown, I have started finding a topic within photography which has caught my eye which is photojournalism.

Photojournalism is a way for myself to tell a story through the images I take, documenting day to day life. With a world crises currently happening, I feel that approaching the subject through photography is a way of communicating to the public how this pandemic has not only affected us but also nature. Since the breakout of Coronavirus, the world is forced to shut away in their homes, unless they need to go out for essential items. With this law being taken into place temporarily, this has now become a way of nature sending us a message by coming backing to life all around the world.

There are a number of areas I hope to document during this time of lockdown, however with only limited access to where I can travel too, I intend to capture the day to day life of what everyone is currently going through during this pandemic crises.

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